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Posted 20 Sep, 2021 01:00 AM by Stan

After logging in, coaches can use the Schedule/Register tab to enter teams for a district quiz event.

The Nazquizzing tab takes you to a whole new page of tabs that contain a plethora of quizzing information, resources and links.

Use the Quiz Dates tab for this year's calendar of upcoming quizzes, as well as information to help you plan your quiz schedule.

Forums . . . I haven't found any use for this tab. It's empty.

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Q2022 in Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Posted 20 Sep, 2021 12:38 AM by Stan

Q2022 will be June 27-July 2, 2022 at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. It begins with check-in at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, June 27th, and ends with awards and lunch at noon on Saturday, July 2. The team divisions are: Local Novice, Local Experienced, District Novice, District Experienced, Field B and Field A. In most cases, a quizzer can quiz on a Local team as well as a District team, since the quiz schedules do not overlap. It's even possible to quiz in 3 divisions if you qualify for a Field team.
On our district, we enter our all-star district teams, which are chosen at the District Finals Quiz. Then, we take as many quizzers as possible, and form additional teams to enter in the district divisions. You can do this and still enter, and quiz on, a local team.
There is a registration fee for each team entered. District team fees will be paid by the district. The local team fee is $100. Registration opens 2/1/22.
Each individual must also register for housing and meals on campus. There are 15 meals, from Monday evening to Saturday noon. Housing is in dorms and apartments. Many of the rooms are not air-conditioned, so you should bring a fan or one of those little room air conditioners. The cost for students and coaches is $195 each. Officials, staff, and guests receive a discount. There is no charge for guests who stay and eat off campus.
Any district contribution to travel expenses will depend on available funds. I'll help as much as i can.
Conclusion: Plan to go to Q2022. Start your fund raisers. Arrange your schedules. It's the greatest event in Nazarene Bible quizzing. You will love it.
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