2021-22 Quiz Dates

PROPOSED SCHEDULE (subject to change - please verify dates, locations, and chapters)

Contact: Stan Mullen 405-305-7120 smullen549@gmail.com


Aug 21 District Quiz, 9 am, OKC Oakcliff, Romans 1-2

Sep 18 Rogers Invitational, Rogers, AR, Romans 1-5   http://rogers.nazquizzing.org/

Oct 9 District Quiz, 9 am, Bethany Lake O, Romans 1-7

Nov 6 Olathe Invitational, Olathe, KS, Romans 1-9    http://olathe.nazquizzing.org/

Nov 13 District Quiz and Quiz-off to select teams for St. Louis, 9 am, Piedmont, Romans 1-10

Dec 3-4 St. Louis All-Star Quiz (2 teams to represent our district), Romans 1-13    http://stlouisbiblequiz.nazquizzing.org/

Jan 8 District Quiz, Location ?, Romans 1-16

Jan 29 Oklahoma Invitational, Bethany OK, Romans 1-James 2 http://oklahoma.nazquizzing.org/

Feb 12 District Quiz, Sapulpa, Romans 1-James 3

Mar 5 District Finals quiz and Quiz-off for District All-Star A and B teams, 9 am, Piedmont, Romans & James (all chapters)

Mar 24-26 SNU Extravaganza & Field Finals, Bethany, OK, Two divisions - one for district all-star teams and the other open to local and district teams. The top 10 quizzers will qualify to quiz on a field all-star team at Q2022.  


Apr, May, Jun   additional practice quizzes TBA

Jun 27-Jul 2 Q2022 (national quiz, open to all local, district, and field teams), MVNU, Mount Vernon, Ohio



2023 General Assembly (no quizzing)

2023 National Quiz and NYC, July 3-9, Tampa Bay, FL



2026 National Quiz and NYC

2027 National Quiz and General Assembly